Thursday, April 7, 2011

A GREAT Bonding day!

Today was a good day from start to finish.  Alex was awakened by a pouncing Kade on his bed.  Alex's reaction was a smile.  After breakfast we were out the door for school.  The boys worked together well today and Alex's teacher saw moments of bonding she hadn't seen before.  After school Alex was very proud of his accomplishments with Kade throughout the day.  They are walking together much better and Kade is responding to Alex's voice better also.
After supper, Alex went down to the basement (his mancave) and watched some TV.  Kade layed down by him and they stayed together, hanging out, for about an hour and a half.  We've used a leash to keep them together in days past, but tonight no leash was used.  Kade knows Alex is "his boy" and has become very attentive to him.  Alex is finally seeing Kade for the great buddy he is!
Now, both boys are in Alex's room for the night.  Kade is still tethered to Alex's bed to keep him in one spot at night, but we don't think it will be for much longer since the time in the basement went so well today.

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