Sunday, April 10, 2011

A fun and eventful weekend!

The weekend started off with Alex competing in two events at the Eastern Iowa Special Olympics.  Kade spent the first few hours of the competition with Alex.  Kade was well behaved, but there were so many athletes and families that come up to him and wanted to pet him that he ended up getting very nervous and fidgety.  We were concerned, so to be safe we took Kade home.  Kade was able to spend the next few hours at home working to get the peanut butter and treats out of a Kong in his kennel. 
Alex did great in both events (softball throw and 50M walk) and got 1st place in both to earn a trip to the State Games in Ames next month!
Today we were able to see Sarah and Megan at a small CARES regional reunion.  CARES is in the area to do some re-certification for the Bettendorf School District, so they decide to send out some 70 invitations to all the families with 3 hours of Bettendorf, IA.  As a result there were 25 dogs at the gathering.  It was a nice event and we were able to see many dogs from the area, including one that had been working for nearly 10 years!

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