Friday, April 1, 2011

One week in the history books

I does not seem like it has been a week since Alex and Kade were on stage at The Brown Grand Theater stage for graduation!  Overall, the week has gone well.  We had some adjustment issues when Kade first arrived in the house, but we seem to be heading the right direction.  The boys were together all day Wednesday and Thursday at school (no school Friday due to teacher conferences).  CARES, Inc will be in town in a few weeks to certify some of the school staff for the therapy dogs and two of Alex's teachers will also attend.  It sounds like Alex and Kade may also attend.
Kade finally made it to the local vet for his first visit and as suspected during training, he has an ear infection....actually he has infection in both ears.  We now have some ointment to try to cure the yeast infection, and some drops to use weekly as a preventative to keep them away.
Kade is doing much better at following Alex around the house and staying with him as long as I am not around.  We hope to start working on getting him to sleep in Alex's room soon, but first we have to get Alex to agree.

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