Thursday, March 24, 2011

Afternoon at the mall getting tested

After our visit to the correctional facility and lunch, the class met at the mall in Salina for their final test in public. The students had to show control of their dogs while in and out stores. Once everyone was done shopping they had to demonstrate down and stay. Once the dogs were in position, the students had to walk out of sight. Alex and I were gone for more than 10 minutes and Kade did not move. After the dogs were given a release command, they were able to move.
Next the dogs and students were lined up and the dogs were again given a down and stay command. This time Megan walked over the dogs while bouncing a ball to ensure the dogs would stay despite distractions. When Meegan was done, the students released and called each of their dogs across an isle.
Everyone was amazed at how much control they had of their dogs after a few days!!


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  1. Hi Alex, Kade and "Mom and Dad", This is Terry that has Marian. Great pics and highlights of the day. Looking forward to following Alex's and Kade's progress.